Diabetes Focus
Editor in Chief, Senior Editor
Launched Diabetes Focus in 2002 for MediZine, LLC. D&M Provided editor in chief (Doner) and senior editor (McIntosh) 2002 to Oct. 2010.

Editor in Chief, Contributing Editor
2002-Oct. 2010, D&M provided MediZine LLC with editor in chief (Doner) and contributing editor (McIntosh)
Kalia Doner, founding editor in chief and content director; A commercial venture in affiliation with Columbia University and Dr. Marianne Legato
Working Mother Books
Created the book division for
Working Mother magazine
REMEDY MD Editor in Chief
Direct, edit and write single-sponsor publications distributed in doctors' offices. Topics include asthma/allergy, psoriasis, colitis, HIV,
osteoarthritis, diabetes, smoking cessation, etc.
McIntosh Golf Guides
Conceptualized, wrote, produced,
and achieved full distribution of this travel/sports series
HealthCommunities Insider
Content providers for e-mail newsletters:
Diabetes; Breast Cancer; Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Gender & Health
Launched the print arm of the Partnership for Women's Health (now The Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine) and of, affiliated with Columbia University
Editorial director and content providers
for the original site: Partnership for Women's Health, now Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine; a product of Columbia University and Dr.Marianne Legato
dLife TV: CNBC Sunday night, 7 pm
    kalia Doner & john Mcintosh
custom health/wellness information and education for consumers and health-care providers
email me
COUNTDOWN: The bi-monthly online magazine from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Managing Editor, Health
Video content supervision and editing--May 2011-present
Doner and  McIntosh, writers, 13 episodes, season 2
ShareCare Medical Editors, Doner and McIntosh 
iD Ideas and Discovery 
American Editor, Senior Editor
Writer, slide show developer.
Hired to transition the publication from print to online November 2010-July 2011
March 2011-November 2011
Drs. Oz and Roizen/King Syndicate -- more than 150 newspapers nationally
To read through a PDF of the Smoking Cessation Remedy MD, pease click above.
December 2011-present
August 2011 - August 2012
Contributors, via posting of King Syndicate daily columns